Each game begins with a 10 minute briefing, followed by 15 minutes of gameplay. To be safe, you should leave aside 30 minutes for each game.

Games are generally played in 2 teams, red and blue. Players explore the arena and shoot enemy players and “bases” to increase their score. The team with the highest points wins!

Generally, as long as you can wear the lazer “pack” comfortably, you can play. This is a lightweight plastic pack which contains the sensors needed to play. If you’d like to try one on, we’d be happy to check if you’re old enough to play.

No. You can arrive and play most of the time that we’re open, however this depends on availability. To guarantee your game(s), call us and book before your visit.

It is possible to book the arena exclusively, just contact us to arrange this.

We have capacity for 30 players in our arena. This can be split into 2 teams of 15, or a solo game where it’s every player for themselves!

There’s a minimum of 2 players, however most would agree that more players = more fun in the arena.

We aim to keep the games as safe as possible; each game starts with a 10 minute safety briefing which explains how the games are played, the safety rules, as well as fire exit and first aid information. Each session is marshalled by one of our team who wear a high-visibility vest to ensure each game goes smoothly.

For safety, flat-bottomed shoes are required – heeled shoes or flip flops are a bad idea! We’d recommend dark clothing for the most fun – our ultraviolet lights will cause light clothing to glow in the dark!

Our regular games are reasonably darkened for the best visual effect of the lazers. We will occasionally add some artificial smoke into the arena (it looks really cool!), however if pre-arranged we can refrain from using the artificial smoke, and brighter lights can be switched on.

We cannot supply medical advice; however the game involves physical activity which may include walking up semi-steep ramps if you decide to. Some games may also feature artificial smoke which also can be a trigger for asthma. Please seek medical advice if you are unsure about playing.

We cannot supply medical advice; however the game arena contains flashing lights, UV light, lazers and both bright and dark areas. If you are unsure, please seek medical advice.

We cannot supply medical advice; This depends on your personal circumstances. You are welcome to have a tour of the arena before you commit to playing, just get in touch.